VygisStories is intended to be a living biography of our friend and all the different aspects of his life. It is also a naïve experiment in fulfilling the potential of hyperlinking to display a complex subject from several simultaneous viewpoints. Vygis's world consisted of his own history, memories and stories, his treasured objects from his past which he attempted to preserve to the extent possible, and his friends for whom he made up nicknames by which he referred to us in his stories to each other. VygisStories will attempt to contain all these different viewpoints of his life.

This wiki will collect identifications of every individual thing, person, place, date, mythology or tradition in his life that we can recall. It will also collect the stories that we all have about him. The stories will be tagged with the things, people, places, dates, mythologies, and traditions found in each one. These categories of tags will be collected together on their own pages as tables of contents to the wiki, along with a table of contents of the stories, so that a person can read Vygis' stories by any grouping they would like to.

List of VygisStories wiki categoriesEdit

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