Vygis Referred to Rockville as a "Forbidden Zone" for reasons that he kept obscure. He even referred to it by different names to different people. To Charles Dickson and others he called it "The Scum Zone", to Carlos Gordillo he called it "The Matrix". He made every effort to avoid it wherever possible, which made his job at the NRC all the more incomprehensible. Whenever he would return from that job, and probably from any other visit to Rockville, he would take a full shower.

[To add to this: I moved to Rockville in 1996 and Vygis was noticeably perturbed by it. Naturally, I pressed him for reasons, but he was not especially forthcoming. What I did get out of him, was that he feared the National Geographic building which was located nearby in Gaithersburgh. It wasn't far from Montgomery College, and I don't think Vygis saw a distinction between the two municipalities. He brought it up to me several times when I was living in that apartment and even pleaded with me to "wear a tin foil hat on my head while I was sleeping" in order to "prevent them from reading my thoughts." I later got out of him that this all had some connection to his high school years and, specifically, to people he went to school with. Because this is Vygis, I still have no idea if any of this was complete bullshit made up on the spot, or there was some deeper mythology connected to some past bullshit. I don't believe that he really thought it was taboo outside of any of his other self-imposed taboos. (like not playing "sacred" songs) -Brian Goldberg]

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