Name: Andy Looney

Nickname(s): Looney

When/Where I met Vygis: 1982 in Explorer Post 1275

My Vygis Story: (transcribed from a Facebook entry by Charles Dickson) Like everyone else, I'm terribly sad that Vygis is gone. I'm sorry to say I hadn't seen him in years, but I have fond memories of adventures we shared as kids. He was a couple of years behind me in Explorer Post 1275, so I was one of the older kids that he looked up to and thought was cool. Everyone knows how Vygis would become obsessed with things, and for awhile I myself was one of his obsessions. It was kind of unsettling being the focus of his admiration -- particularly when he and Charles wrote that bizarre sci-fi story, casting me as a surreal villain.

Andy looney vygis small
I guess he liked me because I too am a man of strange obsessions… which brings me to this photograph, which I finally dug up last night. This was taken around 1988 and shows Vygis and Charles and me on the steps on the former Billy Rose Aquacade building in Flushing Meadows, New York. Not that this photo shows any of it, but it was a huge structure, one of the last still standing (and now since demolished) leftover from the New York Worlds Fair. I wanted to take a road trip to go see this and other remaining structures from the Fairs, and Vygis and Charley were crazy and obsessed enough to join me on this quest. We had a great time together that day!

Being stuck in the past was just another thing we shared. I remember him ranting about how tacky everything had become in the nineties and how superior the eighties had been. Now, our old friend Vygis is himself a thing of the past, and we all have Vygis nostalgia...

I can't believe he's gone. The world is definitely a less interesting place without Vygis, and I'm really sad that I'll never see him here again.

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