Name: Cora C. Dickson


When/How I met Vygis: 1982, in Explorer Post 1275.

My Vygis Story (Transcribed from Facebook entry March 19 2013): As I watch the outpouring of grief on Facebook the past several days, I understand that Vygis had a way of making each of his friends feel special. After I moved to the Eastern Shore in 2009 he was one of the few friends who would make regular trips to see me. I think he tried to keep his friend circles separate because he wanted to spend time rotating between them. In a sad sort of way he didn't want to be a burden on anyone, though it was far from the truth. He was obviously an honorary family member in many families and ours (the Dicksons) is no exception. Charles and I are reeling from having lost two family members in two weeks. Vygis remained a bachelor but that didn't deter him from the effort required to stay connected with his married friends and often the spouses would come to love him too. He worked hard to cultivate new friendships as well. Last year as my husband and I had dinner with him in Columbia, he had to cut short our time because he got a call from new (and much younger - heh) friends and felt obligated to go hang out with them too when they had time for him.

Many of us bonded with Vygis through music. U2, Simple Minds... Pink Floyd...For me, it was Howard Jones. Starting with the Dream Into Action Tour in 1985, then Kings Dominion in 1989 (with Lisa Tannenbaum and the epic story of how the car broke down on the way home), around '93-'94 at the old 9:30 Club, 1998 at the Nissan Pavilion (that was the tour with Culture Club and Human League), a couple of times at the Rams Head, once at the State Theater in Virginia, once we drove all the way to Long Island and back (meeting up with other HoJo fans for dinner), and the last one was near Philly. I went to one without him last summer in DC and he couldn't join me but I called him up from the concert and bought him a t-shirt.

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