Name: John Seylar

Nickname(s): Seylar

When/How I met Vygis: High School. Later met again in College as a result of meeting Charles Dickson.

My Vygis Story: This page is a stub, to be updated by John

Written on Vygis' Wall: I lost a long-time friend this weekend, Vygis Campe. He was accidentally shot by someone while he was relaxing on a couch in Westminster. Hi Chomp, you are a good friend. I remember sitting on the elementary school bus with you during a field trip, you showed me that you could recite all of the lines in the movie "Star Wars"; I was instantly impressed. In middle school you asked for a bunch of old electronic circuit boards for one of your creative plans; a few months later I found a couple of boxes of them for you, you were so happy. Lunchtime in high school, we took turns creating D&D storylines; even recently, you reminded me of one of the storylines I made-up, "the only colors available are Barn Red and Automobile Black." In college I showed you that you could maintain and fix cars if you wanted. In college, I brokered a deal for you to help put a roof on my mom's house in exchange for my step father lending us his tow bar; Dave drove his truck and we towed your favorite car from Laurel to Burtonsville. It has always been nice getting your occasional surprise visits. The Snapple bottle, that you and Charlie hid in my wall when the drywall was being put up, is still there. Getting your house in like 2007 or so, really seemed to make you happier. All of my friends and family that have met you, always remember you by name, Vygis. I will miss you!

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