Name: Todd Allnutt

Nickname(s): Gook Boy

When/Where I met Vygis:

My Vygis Story: (transcribed from Facebook by Charles Dickson): I hadn't seen him in a few years but always considered him one of my best friends. We spent many times camping and goofing around the internet. Some of his stories still resound through my thoughts all the time. I was the guy who introduced him to the Royal Mile Pub. I introduced him to eating burgers rare. I showed him what Laphroaig is, my favorite whiskey at the time. He taught me how to use a computer properly. He took me to his spot in the Bisti Badlands three years in a row, a trek I have longed to repeat, and one which changed my life. We spent many times camping, and have stayed in his cool little condo more times than I can remember. I have hundreds of photos which I will post soon. As for now, I am going to the pub for a shot, a salute, a weep, for a great man. Sleep well, you will be greatly missed.

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