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File:01 - 01. I Love You Goodbye - Thomas Dolby - Astronauts and Heritics.oggFile:01 - 02. The Dream Is Always The Same - Tangerine Dream - Risky Business Soundtrack.oggFile:01 - 03. Life In The Slaw Lane - Kip Adotta - Life In The Slaw Lane.ogg
File:01 - 04. UHaul Airlines - Kip Adotta - Life In The Slaw Lane. fixed.oggFile:01 - 04. UHaul Airlines - Kip Adotta - Life In The Slaw Lane.oggFile:01 - 05. Honky Tonks Stars - Ken Nordine - Stare With Your Ears 33.ogg
File:01 - 06. Reel Ten - The Plugz - Repo Man Movie Soundtrack.oggFile:01 - 07. From A Dead Man - From The Movie 1984.oggFile:01 - 08. Shake Off The Ghosts - Simple Minds - Sparkle In The Rain.ogg
File:01 - 09. Dead But Dreaming For Her Light - Fields Of The Nephilim - Elizium.oggFile:01 - 10. The Desert Music First Movement - Steve Reich - The Desert Music (1990).oggFile:01 - 11. The Desert Music Third Movement Part 1 - Steve Reich - The Desert Music (1990).ogg
File:01 - 12. Benson, Az. - John Carpenter and Bill Taylor - From The Movie Dark Star.oggFile:01 - 13. Love on A Real Train - Tangerine Dream - Risky Business Soundtrack.oggFile:02 - 01. Silk Pyjamas - Thomas Dolby - Astronauts and Heritics.ogg
File:02 - 02. Route 66 (The Nile Rodgers Mix) - Depeche Mode - Behind The Wheel.oggFile:02 - 03. Sparkles and Shines - Guy Carawan - My Rinoceros.oggFile:02 - 04. Ask - The Smiths - Louder Than Bombs.ogg
File:02 - 05. Noodle (A Poem) - Small Band.oggFile:02 - 06. Take Me Out - Small Band.oggFile:02 - 07. What's Goin' On - Small Band.ogg
File:02 - 08. Stripped - Depeche Mode - 101 (Live).oggFile:02 - 09. Lana - Tangerine Dream - Risky Business Soundtrack.oggFile:02 - 10. Bad Habit - Offspring - Smash.ogg
File:02 - 11. Close But No Cigar - Thomas Dolby - Astronauts and Heritics.oggFile:02 - 12. Wail of Sumer And There Will Your Heart Be Also - Fields of the Nephilim - Elizium.oggFile:1989 Winter Tour North Easton, MA.jpg
File:1989 Winter Tour With Linas Phillips in Brookline MA fromFB.jpgFile:1990 World According To Us fromFB.jpgFile:1992 fence 1.jpg
File:1992 fence 2.jpgFile:1992 fence 3.jpgFile:2003 by hj synths small.jpg
File:2007 summer tour bisti IMG 3199.JPGFile:360 Seibels Logo Large.jpgFile:94 accord tow 1 small.jpg
File:94 accord tow 2 small.jpgFile:Add a page 1.jpgFile:Add a page 2.jpg
File:Administrative Do One Of These.jpgFile:Administrative Just Mash This.jpgFile:Amy The Mushroomhead Envelope fromFB.jpg
File:Andy looney vygis small.jpgFile:Antique christmas lights 1.jpg.jpgFile:Antique christmas lights 2.jpg
File:Antique christmas lights 3.jpgFile:Ari With Vygis 2012-ish from FB.jpgFile:Asleep with Fishy at Neringa fromFB.jpg
File:Babbit.jpgFile:Back to the Future.jpgFile:Big shark 1.jpg
File:Black Box - Everybody everybodyFile:Blue leds 1.jpgFile:Blue leds 2.jpg
File:Brazil-repairmen.jpgFile:Brazil.jpgFile:Bus ornament1.jpg
File:Bus ornament2.jpgFile:C-3PO droid.jpgFile:CDPI 2.jpg
File:CDPI 5.jpgFile:CDPI 6.jpgFile:Car restoration book 01.JPG
File:Car restoration book 02.JPGFile:Car restoration book 03.JPGFile:Car restoration book 04.JPG
File:Car restoration book 05.JPGFile:Car restoration book 06.JPGFile:Car restoration book 07.JPG
File:Car restoration book 08.JPGFile:Car restoration book 09.JPGFile:Car restoration book 10.JPG
File:Car restoration book 11.JPGFile:Car restoration book 12.JPGFile:Car restoration book 13.JPG
File:Carlos leech tat.jpgFile:Command-conquer.jpgFile:Comment button.jpg
File:Communitylogo.pngFile:Cora halloween 1984 small.jpgFile:Cora hojo ticket 1993.jpg
File:DEBT SHIELD.jpgFile:Dan lawrence vyg small.jpgFile:Debt shield bad street view.jpg
File:Deck bike bird small.jpgFile:Dr Moss 1991.jpgFile:Duval 001.jpg
File:Duval 002.jpgFile:Esempio.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:Fishy.jpgFile:Forum new.gifFile:Frq logo.jpg
File:GM House 1991.jpgFile:Garsyses and Gavers with Vygis fromFB.jpgFile:Giant bass 1.jpg
File:Giant bass 2.jpgFile:Halo2-cover.pngFile:Honda-Accord Sedan 1985.jpg
File:Howard Jones With Cora.jpgFile:Hyundai Research Vehicle date unknown.jpgFile:IMG 2200.jpg
File:IMG 5368.JPGFile:IMG 9170.jpgFile:Jessica vygis 4.jpg
File:Joel church 1996 1 small.jpgFile:Joel church little lebowski.jpgFile:Joel church vygis 1997.jpg
File:Josh by the fire1 hanover small.pngFile:Josh by the fire2 hanover small.pngFile:Josh by the fire3 chicken small.jpg
File:Josh by the fire4 small.jpgFile:Karen McMahon atholton grade4 class pic.jpgFile:Karen McMahon leeches grade4.jpg
File:Lan party matt hamilton.jpgFile:Leech empire state 1991.jpgFile:Letter to Kris with Jenny Drawing fromFB.jpg
File:Letters from Vygis Kris Babicke small.jpgFile:Marie francis cat small.jpgFile:Melissa gilbert love boat.jpg
File:Milkdrop Spikeball.jpgFile:Mississippi move 1 jan 1994.jpgFile:Mississippi move 2 jan 1994.jpg
File:Mississippi move 3 jan 1994.jpgFile:Mississippi move 4 jan 1994.jpgFile:Modern china small.jpg
File:Nintendo flower small Andrea Donato.jpgFile:Obit photo small.jpgFile:Omega final sale.jpg
File:Pokemons water bowl.jpgFile:Przykład.jpgFile:Renfest 2012 The Dude fromFB.jpg
File:Rimas another winter tour small.jpgFile:Rimas by patio fire 1 small.jpgFile:Rimas by patio fire 2 small.jpg
File:Rimas fire backyard 1 small.jpgFile:Rimas groomsmen small.jpgFile:Rimas vygis family small.jpg
File:Rimas winter tour early days small.jpgFile:SMS 1994.jpgFile:Samantha Smalls with Vygis fromFB.jpg
File:Shudder To Think Poster fromFB.jpgFile:Speed bumps.JPGFile:Spooky-house-300x186.png
File:Summer Tour 94 01 dallas.jpgFile:Summer Tour 94 02 night picture.jpgFile:Summer Tour 94 03 dawn.jpg
File:Summer Tour 94 04 no hitchhikers.jpgFile:Summer Tour 94 05 rear window.jpgFile:Summer Tour 94 06 jackass acres.jpg
File:Summer Tour 94 07 desert museum.jpgFile:Summer Tour 94 08 montezumas castle.jpgFile:Summer Tour 94 09 sedona.jpg
File:Summer Tour 94 10 national forest.jpgFile:Summer Tour 94 11 canyon morning.jpgFile:Summer Tour 94 12 canyon lisa.jpg
File:Summer Tour 94 13 canyon vygis.jpgFile:Summer Tour 94 14 vygis and squirrel.jpgFile:Tempest.png
File:That aint funny button small.jpgFile:Todd allnut accord arizona small.jpgFile:Toshiba bros 001.jpg
File:Toshiba bros 002.jpgFile:Toshiba bros 003.jpgFile:Upload a photo 1.jpg
File:Upload a photo 2.jpgFile:Upload a photo 3.jpgFile:Vygis Neringa sign umbrella 1992 small.jpg
File:Vygis Umbrella Omega in Southampton NY fromFB.jpgFile:Vygis at piano valerie lauren small.jpgFile:Wiki.png
File:With Vygis Sunset.pngFile:With elvis coras party small.jpgFile:Zenith 1969 radio 01.jpg
File:Zenith 1969 radio 02.jpgFile:Zenith 1969 radio 03.jpgFile:Zenith 1969 radio 04.jpg
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