Pokemons water bowl

I have a few stories about Pokémon. But to start off, here is the story of this bowl as I understand it. Pokémon was a shy but occasionally mischievous feline. When Vygis brought him back to the Concord House apartment, he gave him a spot in the tiny kitchen for his food and water. However, Pokémon constantly made a mess with the water bowl that Vygis initially started using, spilling it and batting it around; Vygis would often come home to find it upside down in a different part of the kitchen and water everywhere. Who knows what was actually happening, but Vygis made it his mission to put an end to the problem. His approach was actually pretty clever; he simply began finding heavier and heavier water bowls, quickly arriving at using this metal ringed crystal behemoth. I think he once told me with great glee that when he put this bowl down, Pokémon looked defeated upon finding it too heavy to move. After that, there was peace in the apartment for many years.

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