SMS 1994

Vygis' Sunday Morning Sickness, Fall 1994 at the Gilder-Murray houose

Author: C3PO. For years and years before he became a drinker, Vygis would show up at our house on the weekends hung over. He called it his "Sunday Morning Sickness." Slouching, groaning, wearing sunglasses, lying on the couch or floor was what you would get if you'd invited him to something early on a weekend. Eventually, whatever pain reliever he was trying at the time would kick in and he'd be able to go about his day normally. After naming it, he seemed to never figure out what was causing it. His official theory was that after just going all week long his body needed some kind of recovery, and he just accepted it as a consequence of being who he was. Various hippie people I hung out with often brainstormed ideas of what it was; the consensus more than once came down to some kind of vitamin deficiency, maybe B12 or something like that.
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