Author: Charles Dickson (C3PO)

Todd allnut accord arizona small

The Accord in Arizona. With: Todd Allnutt

In March 2014, Todd announced to the Memorial Group that the '94 Accord was in danger of being impounded. It turns out that a friend of his, Sergio, had been keeping it for him up in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Arbutus for a whole year after Todd discovered that it was in way too bad a condition to get through inspection and drive around. Nothing had been done on it in the intermediate time, and appropriately enough for one of Vygis' cars it had been tagged as abandoned until Sergio had moved it slightly and had told Todd. At the next gathering organized by Betsy, Jay, John, Carlos and I came up with a plan to bring it down to John's house and see if we would have any better luck fixing it up. After setting everything up with Todd and Sergio, Carlos' brother Pablo and I took Pablos' big truck and trailer up to Arbutus to get the car. It started but man does a lot of oil leak out. As the weather warms up, we'll gather periodically to work through the oil issue, suspension, and bodywork, in the hope that some day one of us will drive it out west again.
94 accord tow 1 small
94 accord tow 2 small

94 Honda Accord on March 27 2014 when towed from Arbutus to Columbia

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